Bunker Sessions

by Jamie Collier

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released May 2, 2016

Contrabass, Daigo Nakai



all rights reserved


Jamie Collier Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Scene By Scene
I've been scared of the truth
Though it pins my eye
I've been near bullet proof
But the bullets won't die

I've been afraid of the sun
Sticking close to the moon
I've been arriving too late
And leaving too soon

There's a ship out of water
A drunk out of wine
A wheel out of order
And a step out of time

And it's a scene by scene
We take it scene by scene
We play it scene by scene
Like a picture show

Talk about winter
Honey it's been so cold
I remember the summer
Feels like a long time ago

Now your bones are getting thinner
Seas are getting deeper
Your cold is getting dinner
And your bleed won't stone

With the gates sure to bust
Bells holding back chime
Oil ready on the rust
Waiting only for a sign

And its brick by brick
Stone by stone
Chime by chime
Bone by bone

And its a scene by scene
You take it scene by scene
You play it scene by scene
Like a picture show
Track Name: Lead You Back Home
I don't wanna leave you sugar
I don't wanna go
Don't wanna leave those waters
Don't wanna give up the gold
Don't wanna look back baby
From out on the road
I wanna lead you back home

In the early morning when the mind does roam
There're a thousand reasons to sink like a stone
Way down at the bottom of the great hollow
There's one good answer you simply gotta know

Should I leave you sugar?
Honey should I go?
Should I leave those waters?
Should I give up the gold?
Should I look back baby
From out on the road?
Or should I lead you back home?

Below the horizon theres a great blockade
Just waiting for that sun to get away
There's an outlaw sitting on a marshals grave
He's kicking up the dust
Cant you hear what he say?

I gotta leave you sugar
Oh I gotta go
I gotta leave those waters
I gotta give up the gold
I gotta look back baby
From out on the road
Still I wanna lead you back home

I wanna find out sugar
That you ain't alone
I wanna give back to ya
The key to your room
You got a whole new battle
A brand new throne
Still I wanna lead you back home
Track Name: Sweet Machine
I dreamed there was a keeper of the key
If anyone was lonesome they know who to see
If ever you were tired, buried in the ruin
Or lost among the streets
I dreamed there was an ever loving keeper of the key

Ah, what a fucking awesome dream

I dreamed there was a spell over me
The elderflower lady set me free
The past was put behind
The present put below
The future was the dream
I dreamed there was a dark spell lifted off of me

Ah, what a cool fucking dream

I dreamed of a machine
That made our thoughts more than dreams
Kept a big planet moving
Kept a little human being
And hope was more than light
Light was more than colour
And colour was more than seen
I dreamed of a machine
That made our thoughts more than dreams

Ah, what a sweet machine
Track Name: Parisian Love Locks
Late in the morning down at a restaurant
I got a juice and she got a croissant
The waiter told us not to be shocked but
'Its gonna cost much more than what you got'

'Your wide eyes look insane' I told him
'I've seen a lot today' He looked away
You slipped out while he gazed out into space
You caught a train through a dark and dusty maze

Hey lover another discovery waits for us
Hey lover another time is upon us
Hey lover together there might be a way for us
Hey lover

Late in the evening after the sun dropped
The city river was lined with love locks
Some guy woke a sleeping hobo
To lay down in his hand cinq euro

'A monument and a grave' He told him
'Should never be the same' He looked away
The street lamp laid a haze of golden
The city river was a blaze
You turn to say

Hey lover another discovery waits for us
Hey lover another time is upon us
Hey lover together there might be a way for us
Hey lover
Track Name: Inside Your Spire
She came to me in the deepest night
And calmed my engine there
She held my brain and soothed my mind
And she kissed that sweetened air

And I was thrown into a place
Still and good and true
Where beings find the strength to live
And breathe and be and do

She came to me in the midst
Of many that I admire
But soon she came to 'clipse them all
And sound her peaceful choir

And how I wish that I could live
Deep inside your spire
I'd drink from every broken cup
And I would never tire
Track Name: Rain On The Lid
Rain on the lid
Rain on the latches
Depressed looking kid
Playing with matches
Rain on the bookshelves
Shows no sign of fading
It ain't hard to tell
That its gonna keep raining

People are nervous
Looking for loop holes
People buying their comfort
People selling their souls
You can get busy killing
Or make like your saving
Either way baby
It's gonna keep raining

I told the dishwasher of the restaurant
That his food was no good to eat
He went and told the waiter
And the waiter told the maître D
And the maître D told the butcher
And the butcher stormed out to see me
'I was just complaining’ 'bout your meat
I should probably get this meal for free'

He said 'you’ve got the wrong end of the stick'
Said 'It's you who should be paying me'
And you say 'Ok, I’ve had enough'
And you get up to leave

There’re some fine looking people
On the curb looking sharp
They're waiting on some parade
Some kind of march
You can see that their faces
Their faces are frozen
But they don’t even flinch
They're waiting for something

Behind them is a row
Of weeping willow trees and
They're mourning the death
Of a family friend
And their roots are all tangled
In mutual horror
They all fall silent
At the thought of tomorrow

You walk along the street
To a bar full of dreamers
Re-telling their dreams
For the thinkers and breathers
And they're asking you questions
But you want nothing to give ‘em
You just say you’re from the future
That times nothing but rhythm

Then you leave them in confusion
To go find a priest
But they're all out of town
For some pre-apocalyptic feast
And there’s no one invited
Who is doubtful or divided
The date of the end
Well that’s still undecided

The sky’s turning black
The wheel's picking up
The road of the gambler
Is either slippery or rough
But most of those rich men
Are all money and no guts
It’d be easy to beat them
All they ever do is bluff
Track Name: The Rubble And The Ruin
Does anybody out there
Have a better fixture
How to break a pattern
Without shattering the picture?

Is anybody out there?

Stepping through a forest
Pushing through a market
Building up a tension
Bursts a revelation

You've come so very far somehow
It's all walking with you now

Have you burnt the last of it
To escape an institution?
Have you built a houseboat
To sail all the ruin?
The rubble and the ruin

Here comes another heart
Track Name: The Masterful Sailor
See the masterful sailor building her bridges
lifting her sails, and singing her songs
The idea is simple, she is organized and nimble,
as soon as she comes she already belongs.

Help me dear keeper, I am lost in the ether
Not seen in the light, not found in the dark
Never you hunger, never you thirst
Whenever you're under the long reaching curse

The unknown demon, the concealed reason
Form part of the veil that keeps us in chains
'Till you get low, 'till you get grey
'Till you say 'no' and open the grave
Track Name: A Silver Tongue
She raised her head and asked to he ‘Where do the years go?’
He turns, looks left and up, to the ceiling ‘Where do the years go?’

Crystal eyes that ride
In a porcelain skull
Marble pure and fine
Hides a silver tongue

The tangled black lace
You used to wine and dine
That draped across your sight
And dripped into your mind
All those lives ago

An empty silhouette of endless space and unmeasured time
Cut out from the haze of candlelight and ink
The comforting antiques with romance in the wood
All in but a blink

Of crystal eyes that ride
In a porcelain skull
A river deep and wide
Hides a silver bell
Still and dark below

He raised his head and asked to she ‘Where do the years go?’
She turns looks dead straight through his teeth ‘Where do the years go?’
Track Name: Well To Fall
Up a tree two tear drop leaves
Would swing and sway in the autumn breeze
High above the burning ground
One to another they were bound

Until one day one tear drop fell
No long goodbye, no sweet farewell
Just a song that can't be sung
Whats gone is gone, whats done is done

One lonesome leaf still swings and sways
But it knows that it ain't the same
High above the burning ground
Looking up but looking down

And now one tear drop wells to fall
And oh to see that friend once more
But ain't it just the way it goes
Where tear drops fall, no one knows