Rain On The Lid

from by Jamie Collier



Rain on the lid
Rain on the latches
Depressed looking kid
Playing with matches
Rain on the bookshelves
Shows no sign of fading
It ain't hard to tell
That its gonna keep raining

People are nervous
Looking for loop holes
People buying their comfort
People selling their souls
You can get busy killing
Or make like your saving
Either way baby
It's gonna keep raining

I told the dishwasher of the restaurant
That his food was no good to eat
He went and told the waiter
And the waiter told the maître D
And the maître D told the butcher
And the butcher stormed out to see me
'I was just complaining’ 'bout your meat
I should probably get this meal for free'

He said 'you’ve got the wrong end of the stick'
Said 'It's you who should be paying me'
And you say 'Ok, I’ve had enough'
And you get up to leave

There’re some fine looking people
On the curb looking sharp
They're waiting on some parade
Some kind of march
You can see that their faces
Their faces are frozen
But they don’t even flinch
They're waiting for something

Behind them is a row
Of weeping willow trees and
They're mourning the death
Of a family friend
And their roots are all tangled
In mutual horror
They all fall silent
At the thought of tomorrow

You walk along the street
To a bar full of dreamers
Re-telling their dreams
For the thinkers and breathers
And they're asking you questions
But you want nothing to give ‘em
You just say you’re from the future
That times nothing but rhythm

Then you leave them in confusion
To go find a priest
But they're all out of town
For some pre-apocalyptic feast
And there’s no one invited
Who is doubtful or divided
The date of the end
Well that’s still undecided

The sky’s turning black
The wheel's picking up
The road of the gambler
Is either slippery or rough
But most of those rich men
Are all money and no guts
It’d be easy to beat them
All they ever do is bluff


from Bunker Sessions, released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Jamie Collier Berlin, Germany

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