Songs For German People

by Jamie Collier

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released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Jamie Collier Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Harvester
Spin the wheel pick a demon,
take the path to its lair.
You'll be glad you got to see them,
you'll be happy they were there.

And were lost,
saturated in the sound of rolling trains.
And were stoned, concentrated, left alone.
And were free, all accepted.
We can breathe,
we can drown,
we can know.

There are thinkers in the shadows
where we never really go,
and they act like naive children,
they dont care about the world.

And were found,
complicated in a bend on a road.
And were stoned, saturated, left alone.
And were free, all accepted.
We can sit anywhere.
Track Name: Sugar, Babe.
Sugar, babe,
come to me,
I long to be yours.
I believe we are holy in the wind.
Like a fog drifting over to the sea,
I could walk through the city to your company.

If love could conquer all there'd be no problem here.

When Im weak, tired and hazy and drunk with fatigue,
come to me and be kind and put me to sleep.
When you're wild loose and raging,
In need of a beach,
I will stand straight and grounded
until we can breathe.

If love could conquer all there'd be no problem here.
Track Name: Commend/Condemn
And I commend the ones, the ones I do respect,
for running into ruin, for sticking out their necks.
And throughout every trail, to keep their shoulders strong.
And I commend the ones who lived and now are gone.

And I commend the ones who put themselves through hell.
Through pain of heart so putrid no human should know well.
And all for the thing they thought they could protect,
and I commend the ones who now must live with this.

And I condemn the ones who used the dark romance
to feel the surge of power, or to gain from the circumstance.
They were raised to join them, they were tricked to shoot,
but I must condemn them all, whether or not they knew.

And I condemn the ones who shall remain condemned.
For convincing anyone there was anything to win.
For paying for in lives, their own deceitful whim.
And I condemn the ones who shall remain condemned.
Track Name: Inside Your Spire
She came to me in the deepest night,
and calmed my engine there.
She held my brain and soothed my mind,
and she kissed that sweetened air.

And I was thrown into a place,
still and good and true.
Where beings find the strength to live,
and breathe and be and do.

She came to me in the midst
of many that I admire,
but soon she came to 'clipse them all,
and sound her peaceful choir.

And how I wish that I could live
deep inside your spire.
Id drink from every broken cup,
and I would never tire.
Track Name: Saudade
Theres nothing I can say,
simply nothing I can do.
My life's lover, has found somebody new.
I know we torture ourselves
with wild thoughts, never tell,
but this jealousy, this dwelling,
it is hell.

Im doing well, yeah, Im doing fine.
But I just cant stand that you're not mine.
The mind is cruel, the heart is kind,
but its a cell and Im running out of time.

So to remember, so to forget,
the distant dream will never set.
Its a rock, Its a roll,
at the helm you lose control.

And the dark side of love hangs a hope like a brick.
And this saudade, this mirage is making me sick.

C'mon, sugar, now,
say it to me one more time.
I know its over,
but you can lie.
Track Name: Summers Over
Seems like yesterday but its been so long,
how could so much time even have come and gone?
Losing love so sweet is such a bitter song,
come and stop that choir singing on and on.

And the summers over.

The past is memory, the futures a dream.
Listen, this is where its all happening.
Now you take a step for to take a walk,
now the blind aren't deaf and the deaf still talk.

Yeah the summers over.

If you wanna drink it then you gotta get drunk.
If you go and think it then it cant be un-thunk.
If you wanna sink it treat it like its sunk.
You want piece of mind?
Start thinking like a monk.

Sugar, summers over.
Track Name: Sweet Machine
I dreamed there was a keeper of the key,
if anyone was lonesome they know who to see.
If ever you were tired, buried in the ruin,
or lost among the streets.
I dreamed there was an ever loving keeper of the key.

Ah, what a fucking awesome dream.

I dreamed there was a spell over me,
the elderflower lady set me free.
The past was put behind,
the present put below,
the future was the dream.
I dreamed there was a dark spell lifted off of me.

Ah, what a cool fucking dream.

I dreamed of a machine
that made our thoughts more than dreams.
Kept a big planet moving, kept a little human being.
Hope was more than light,
light was more than colour,
and colour was more than seen.
I dreamed of a machine
that made our thoughts more than dreams.

Ah, what a sweet machine.
Track Name: You Can Be Cool, Sweet Mamma.
My baby she dont like me when I call her name,
she tells me she dont need me,
man, it brings me so much pain.

You can be cool, sweet mamma,
just dont leave me in the cold.
You can be cool, sweet mamma,
just dont freeze your pretty soul.

Mamma she always told me,
pappa he told me too,
dont let a woman be your only reason to be true.

The first string to break is where it all will start,
the last thing to die would be the hope thats in my heart.

You can be cool, sweet mamma,
you can be anything you please.
You can be cool, sweet mamma,
just dont freeze on me.

Well Im ready to suffer, Im ready to sin,
like the steel on the sleepers man,
Im ready to bend.
When my baby comes to me,
Im ganna make my baby rock.
A rooster needs a hen just like an hour needs a clock.