by Jamie Collier

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released February 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Jamie Collier Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: On The River
Oh the wind blows through your windows
Through your wall and to your bed
My baby sleeps with her golden hair dripping
'Cross her face and down her breast

Wont you live on the river
Where the water goes rolling through?
I want to live on the river
Oh how that river can be me and you

Oh the fields grow endless roses
I'll bring them all up into your room
And when you ask me where I got them
I will tell you the honest truth

They come from down by the river
Where the meadows are strong and true
They're growing down by the river
Oh how that river could be me and you

Oh the wind blows through your windows
Through your walls and to your bed
My baby speaks with her mind on fire
Storming weather that her eyes will give
Track Name: Lead You Back Home
I don't wanna leave you sugar
I don't wanna go
Don't wanna leave those waters
Don't wanna give up the gold
Don't wanna look back baby
From out on the road
I wanna lead you back home

In the early morning when the mind does roam
Theres a thousand reasons to sink like a stone
Way down at the bottom of the great hollow
Theres one good answer you simply gotta know

Should I leave you sugar?
Honey should I go?
Should I leave those waters?
Should I give up the gold?
Should I look back baby
From out on the road?
Or should I lead you back home?

Below the 'rizon theres a great blockade
Just waiting for that sun to get away
Theres an outlaw sitting on a marshals grave
He's kicking up the dust
Cant you hear what he say?

I gotta leave you sugar
Oh I gotta go
I gotta leave those waters
I gotta give up the gold
I gotta look back baby
From out on the road
Still I wanna lead you back home

I wanna find out sugar
That you aint alone
I wanna give back to ya
The key to your room
You got a whole new battle
A brand new throne
Still I wanna lead you back home
Track Name: Rain On The Lid
Rain on the lid
Rain on the latches
Depressed looking kid
Playing with matches
Rain on the bookshelves
Shows no sign of fading
It aint hard to tell
That its goina keep raining

People are nervous
Looking for loop holes
People buying their comfort
People selling their soles
You can get busy killing
Or make like your saving
Either way baby
Its goina keep raining

I told the dishwasher of the restaurant
That his food was no good to eat
He went and told the waiter
And the waiter told the maître D
And the maître D told the butcher
And the butcher stormed out to see me
“I was just complaining’ 'bout your meat,
I should probably get this meal for free”

He said you’ve got the wrong end of the stick
Said “Its you who should be paying me”
And you say “Ok, I’ve had enough”
And you get up to leave

There’s some fine looking people
On the curb looking sharp
They're waiting on some parade
Some kind of march
You can see that their faces
Their faces are frozen
But they don’t even flinch
There waiting for something

Behind them is a row
Of weeping willow trees and
They're mourning the death
Of a family friend
And their roots are all tangled
In mutual horror
They all fall silent
At the thought of tomorrow

You walk along the street
To a bar full of dreamers
Re-telling their dreams
For the thinkers and breathers
And they're asking you questions
But you want nothing to give ‘em
You just say you’re from the future
That times nothing but rhythm

Then you leave them in confusion
To go find a priest
But they're all out of town
For some pre-apocalyptic feast
And there’s no one invited
Who is doubtful or divided
The date of the end
Well that’s still undecided

The sky’s turning black
The wheel's picking up
The road of the gambler
Is either slippery or rough
But most of those rich men
Are all money and no guts
It’d be easy to beat them
All they ever do is bluff
Track Name: Barbara Club
All the other wise men that were left on the boat
All thought of jumping overboard
But one of them choked
Said he was afraid of the ocean
That he’d rather take the heat
“You folk go on ahead” he said
“I’m goina take a seat’”
“Don’t be ridiculous”
One of the folk said to’m
“You’d rather face a fiery death
Than swim out in the ocean?
Let me get this straight then
Are you one of us?
Or one of them?”

“I aint one of anyone
You hear me right?
Now you’d better get swimming or put up a fight
I’m In no mood for getting wise
I’m goina kiss the fire”

Some big jawed woman named Barbara Club
The Tongan Phantom and Revolutionary Blood
All know what it means
To be cogs in a machine

Then one day Phantom turns to blood
And says “Guess what I’m thinking of”
And Blood says “O.K.”
And Phantom says “Alright”
Then in walks Club

“I can hardly believe my ears
You didn’t just say what I think you sez did you?
Well, I aint doing no such thing
I’d rather stay behind”
So phantom disappears
And Blood runs out fast
And Barbara dies
Track Name: The Masterful Sailor
See the masterful sailor building his bridges,
lifting his sails, and singing his songs.
The idea is simple, he is organized and nimble,
as soon as he comes he already belongs.

Help me dear keeper, I am lost in the ether.
Not seen in the light, not found in the dark.
Never you hunger, never you thirst,
Whenever you're under the long reaching curse.

The unknown demon, the concealed reason,
Form part of the veil that keeps us in chains.
'Till you get old, 'till you get grey,
'Till you say 'no' and open the grave.
Track Name: The Dead Velvet Robe
Driving in the middle of the pitch black night,
From nowhere to nowhere.
Wound up and beaten down and strung out and stale
As an old cigarette in the smoke filled air.

With your eyes so dry and cold,
But still as wide as the open road.
As the reflectors slide by,
They are crisp and they are bright.
Defiant against the dead velvet robe.

The light on your stereo is super imposed
Into where, otherwise, you would be alone.
And from behind your head extends a vast nothingness,
For there is no past, only future.

Driving in the middle of the pitch black night,
From nowhere to nowhere.
Wound up and beaten down and strung out and stale
As an old cigarette in the smoke as you stare.
Track Name: Hangtown
Hey, Mr. Hangman
Wont you please spare my life?
I swear I’m a rich man
I live in Newland with my children and my wife
I was hanging round just to see
What kind of rope you’d use
If you were to hang someone else
But now your eyes are set on me
And I don’t understand
Why you’d wanna see me dead
When I was minding no one but myself

Hey, Mr. Jokeman
Throw one by me
There’s nothing you could say, man,
Could make them believe
I went down to where I first saw you run
To see if I could maybe meet
One of these guys has a better explanation
Than the one that they gave me

Oh, Madam Graceland
Lord knows that you
Have seen more than your portion
Of rage and abuse
Now you don’t wanna see’m die
'Cause you’ve grown such a strong connection to them
And, oh, Madam Graceland
They’ll love ya ‘till the end

Hey Mr. Hangman
Is it too much to call you my friend?
I’ve grown to get used
To this noose across my head
You could come to dinner with my family
Watch our new T.V.
And stay in my second cousins spare bed
But now your eyes are set on me
And I don’t understand
Why the hell you’re following me round
Still wanting me dead

I was only doing what I could
Track Name: Saudade
Theres nothing I can say,
Simply nothing I can do.
My life's lover, has found somebody new.
I know we torture ourselves
With wild thoughts, never tell,
But this jealousy, this dwelling,
It is hell.

Im doing well, yeah, Im doing fine.
But I just cant stand that you're not mine.
The mind is cruel, the heart is kind,
But its a cell and Im running out of time.

So to remember, so to forget,
the distant dream will never set.
Its a rock, Its a roll,
at the helm you lose control.

And the dark side of love hangs a hope like a brick.
And this saudade, this mirage is making me sick.

C'mon, sugar,
C'mon now
say it to me one more time.
I know its over,
I know my line
But c'mon honey
but you can lie.